Saturday, 3 October 2009

Raised fist and all that...

So the wanderlust finally caught up with me, after many months of being lazy in empire. Brutus finally cracked and went back to 0.0 - mind you, his little cousin Max had been scouting the path ahead for about a few weeks.

The corp I joined is [WEDIE] - The Littlest Hobos, part of the Ushra'Khan Alliance. To be honest, one couldn't have hoped for a better bunch of guys to fly around punching holes in stuff.

The leadership has the right attitude and that really pays off. No forced ops, no taxes, no "be there or we'll slap you" crap. And of course, there's the corp's neverending source of everything bad and at the same time hilarious - Butter Dog.

I'm not one to favor role playing,  but that's optional here... heck, everything is pretty much optional here, but some things are too much fun to miss.

So far, the preferred pastimes in corp are:

  • Ripping on Provibloc and shooting their toys, then cloaking, decloaking and shooting more of their toys
  • Ripping on Redpaw Israel in alliance chat
  • Reading Butter's latest CAOD drivel
  • Reading other CAOD drivel
  • Shooting more of provi's toys
  • RP'ing hobos squatting in provibloc's space
  • etc.
These past few days I've been busy bringing down some instruments of destruction and haven't had time to  X up for much, just a bit of pos bashing in Curse, which actually took longer to get to than actually shoot. Too bad nobody came to defend it...

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