Saturday, 19 September 2009

API will be turned off again...

...starting in a couple of hours, in case you missed the news. This means all 3rd party tools such as EveMon will cease to function for this period - starting at 14:00 today, until after downtime on the 21st (Monday).

Perhaps this has something to do with the server database migration to MS SQL 2008 scheduled for Tuesday, the 22nd (also accompanied by extended downtime starting at 8:00).

Fly safe.


  1. I do wonder if some shinanigans have been going on behind the scene with someone who has been able to hack the API client somehow and cause the server to finally go down?

    Although unlikely you never know. Otherwise it does sound like some DB issue, opening closing stuff via the API. But why now all of a sudden, and why did it crash only during tournament weekend? Was it just due to load?

    Hmmm... oh well, sure they will fix it eventually.

  2. As far as I know, the API provides "read-only" interaction with accounts, so "hacking" the API isn't something one could really make use of.

    Most likely it's some glitches caused by load... maybe CCP will enlighten us once it's fixed.

    BTW, it's 12:01 GMT, so API should be back now :)