Sunday, 4 October 2009

New Stargate series premiere - Stargate Universe

[Warning, here may lie spoilers]

So I finally got round to watching the first (two-part) episode last night. A preview:

The tone seems to be rather gloomy, much more so than the other two series in the franchise, with a pinch of BSG thrown in. The main plot catalyst is the Icarus Project, something the SGC has set up in order to determine the use of a 9 chevron stargate they found on a planet with an unstable, radioactive core. Turns out its destination is an ancient ship "billions of light-years away", on which a rag-tag group of SGC personnel and civillians get stuck. Now they have to find a way to get back home, which might be hard, since the ship runs on autopilot and they have no way of dialling out from it on such a distance either.

This all reaked of Star Trek Voyager to me at first, but after watching it I concluded I will enjoy this show a good deal. The screenwriters seem to have taken a good long look at BSG and have concocted a complex system of interactions between the characters - personal agendas, prejudice, fear, the will to sacrifice others in order to survive - these are all elements that convinced me to put Stargate: Universe in my "To watch" pile, at the top.


  1. Yeah, should be interesting to watch. The commercials were too much to bear though... man that was a lot of commercials....

  2. Excessive commercials are why I don't watch series on TV, but stream them on my own terms from the web :)