Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Supercarrier pilots rejoice!

In a presentation done about the Dominion expansion (linky - check at 13:00) by CCP Torfi at Fanfest there's a little nugget of information specifically interesting for would-be Supercarrier pilots. In a list of possible solar system upgrades after the change in Sov mechanics, one item reads as follows: "Supercarrier Docking Facilities - Perhaps... allow players to dock in player built outposts" (pic below, last item on the list):

It would seem my greatest Supercarrier-related wish (expressed in this article at their announcement) has a chance to materialize:

"One thing I would like to see given to Supercarriers though is the ability to dock. Yes, regular carriers can dock, and now that they had their Cloning Vat removed,. their bigger cousins should be able to do this as well. Not having a character stuck at all times in what seems to be a very expensive coffin with big bad drones would make a big difference towards making the ship class more popular and seen more often on the battlefield - otherwise people are simply going to do what they've been doing until now - BRING MORE DREADS"

Other System Upgrades include better rats, better ores, better exploration content, system cyno jammer, cyno generator, the ability to anchor starbases and many more... do watch the presentation, it's quite interesting.

Epic Win! Please excuse me, I need to go rethink my skill queue :)

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  1. i copied the pic and posted it in my corp forum. theyre drooling over it. got anymore? :)