Monday, 17 August 2009

Macro Banning now Serious Business

Graph by CCP

In the new devblog, CCP Grimmi presents the strategy used to rid the New Eden cluster of its most annoying problem - macros and characters responsible for RMT (real money trades).

Codenamed "Unholy Rage", the offensive against macro runners started on June 22nd. Prior to this, in March 2009 around 3000 RMT-related accounts were banned, and during the downtime on June 22nd roughly 6200 more accounts were tempbanned, and then perma-banned when the temp ban expired and they seemed to return to their old ways as if nothing had happened.

I've written about the effects of this mass banning on the market as they unfolded here and here.

Other changes were a clear reduction of the server load on certain nodes corresponding to the systems frequented by isk-generating characters and, of special interest to miners, an asteroid abundance in empire belts the likes of which haven't been seen in years.

The market seems to be relatively stable; the number of transactions dropped a little (10%) post-ban, but soon recovered. Prices did rise on key products macros used to generate, such as implants and ice products. Also, with no more macro accounts, PLEX prices should continue on a descending trend.

RMT won't go away, but at least with many of the macros gone playing conditions will be improved for many real subscribers (while RMT customers will be forced to become functional members of the New Eden economy)

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