Saturday, 11 July 2009

Important Market Shifts in Response to CCP Actions

As of late, due to several actions/changes performed by CCP, a few sectors of the in-game market have suffered some significant changes:

- In response to CCP announcing different sized rigs, the prices on salvage have taken a hike (20-25% in some cases)

- As a result of rumors that CCP started taking action against isk farmers by banning accounts (and also because China recently outlawed virtual currency to real money trades), prices on isotopes and other ice-related fuels for starbases has also increased by some 20-25% at the time of this writing (The Forge regional market). So far mineral prices remain largely unaffected.

- PLEX prices are coming down again from an all-time high caused by market speculation (and CCP offering the option to pay for Fanfest tickets with PLEXes)

Also, the number of Isk spammers in public chat channels has decreased drastically, which can only be a good thing, hehe.

In other news, I've been playing the T2 market a little (well, a little more actually). It's nice to put your cash to use - granted, the 0.01 undercut wars are killing me, but the return is awesome; when I'm bored I simply go do something else.

That's it for now,
See you in space.

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