Saturday, 17 October 2009

JINX.COM Releases Brand New EVE Online T-shirt Collection

Yep, just saw the new EVE shirts today while browsing to see what's new on Jinx (and afterwards also noticed the news item about this).

Jinx has released 4 EVE t-shirts, featuring each race's Tier 2 battlecruiser (Harbinger, Hurricane, Myrmidon and Drake) in sizes S to 3XL (Minmatar gets 4XL too... wonder what that's all about) for guys and S - 2XL for gals - and they're awesome! I would want to own several of each, but will have to settle for the Minmatar one for starters (Alliance leaders would have my head if I got the Amarr one first, heheh)

Here are the other three as well. Enjoy:


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