Monday, 25 January 2010

Dear CCP: We're sorry, we broke your server

Last night's objective: Round 2 in D-G, Providence.
ID: Brutus Septimius, [WEDIE]
Shiptype: Megathron

Titan bridge into system, all ship sections green. Pilots in local: 350.
Local starts climbing as both more allies and enemies bridge in. Soon, local hits 1100. Node was reinforced, looks like it will hold... at least for a while.

The battleship fleet goes to work, de-fanging the enemy staging POS. Stellar job from the FSI Logistics wing, few losses. Job done, we go back to our own POS.


"Enemy fleet spotted", we hear in comms, "all battleships align Planet II. Warp in at 10 to 30, watch your spacing".

The fun starts. My ship exits warp, targets are called. I start shooting the first target, a Harbinger. Harbinger down, my guns are still pumping rounds into the void, despite my attempts to shut them off. I attempt to warp off to the safety of the staging POS, unable to shoot anything else. Targets are still being called. After about a minute of mashing the warp command, my Battleship finally enters warp.

For 20 minutes I attempt to unload my 7 425mm Railgun II's and reload them, one by one. Finally, Spike L long-range ammunition is loaded. "Load short range ammo, we're going in balls deep" I hear over the comms. "How nice", I say to myself. Unload, switch ammo, reload - another 5 minutes.

In the meantime, part of the fleet warped in; targets started being called. The real slaughter starts, as more and more pilots on each side either desynchronize, disconnect or simply cannot control their modules.

I finally manage to load short range ammo and warp in the middle of the clashing fleets. I manage to lock two targets and to fire one salvo before my connection breaks up.

Login. Character selection. Black screen, entering game. 20 minutes pass. I retry the login. On voice comms I hear we're winning. Another 15 minutes or so of black screen. Third time's a charm. I notice my wallet went up by 105 Million ISK at character login.

Wohoo, I'm dead. Login worked, my pod is just sitting there in space, near the remains of my former Battleship. Some 3 Interceptor pilots on the field, 2 of them notice me and start burning towards me. Too late, I'm already in warp.

Safely inside the POS shield, I assess the situation. Apparently my loss mail didn't generate. It had happened once before... this is getting annoying, because no straight records can be kept this way on who's winning and who's losing. Still, from the killmails that did generate, looks like our side (U'K, -A- and Stainwagon) won, not only because we achieved the objective, but from the k:d ratio as well.

All kills/losses registered, courtesy of Wollari's

The Goonswarm bomber squads were once again quite effective against our Battleships and heavy support. Congratulations to them on a job well done.

Thus was the night in D-G. We then returned to our home systems to repair, resupply, rearm (and most importantly re-ship).

More carnage to come, this is just the beginning.

PS: CCP, We're sorry, we broke your server. Please buy better ones. Also, Ga'Len would like to ask you a question


  1. Nice post mate.

    I am glad that your experiences last night were better than mine.

    Thanx for the linky love, it's being returned in kind!