Monday, 9 November 2009

3rd Quarter Economic Newsletter is out

Looks like CCP Dr.EyoG and his crew finally managed to process all the market data and have published the Economic Newsletter for Q3 2009.

A few interesting bits from the newsletter:

  • The most flown vessel is now, ironically, the Hulk (Raven dropped from 1st to 6th place compared to Q2)
  • Q2->Q3 the number of Dreads flown has dropped by about a third (I'm surprised the number for Q2 was only 1200, given the fact that there are about 250 titans in-game), and the number of T3 cruisers has more than tripled;
All in all, a very interesting read. Click to view/download


  1. Regarding the number of dreads, that was from a snapshot in time. Not all dread pilots were in their dreads at the time ofthe snapshot.

  2. @Kirith: I think that by snapshot they mean they count people who have in their inventory at least one dreadnaught, not players who ARE IN their dreadnought at that time... otherwise it would be pretty pointless.

    However, the fact that many players pilot corp-owned dreads is not taken into account here, I guess that might also explain why the number dropped - not much heavy fighting means dreads are kept in corp hangars as opposed to Q2 (April-Jun) when most likely dreads would have been staying with their pilots.