Friday, 13 March 2009

First foray into wormholes (or so I thought)

So, last night I finally managed to get to actually doing some probing, after attempting to download the new client on a temperamental connection since M10.

My base of operations is currently a station in The Forge with a Sisters of Eve agent, for whom I run missions more or less regularly, so I already had a stash of probe launchers and various types of probes on hand for the LP purchases and , which was a good thing, since there was no way in hell I could get into Jita. So I fitted an expanded probe launcher on my Helios, filled it to the brim with scan probes (80, wohoo!) and set off roaming through the adjacent solar systems to find me a wormhole. On the way I found various combat and mining sites, which were of little interest to me what with the low rewards and so forth. So I kept scanning for that ellusive wormhole. Finally after about 3 systems I found one, but surprise, surprise, it was a K-space to K-space WH. "Eh... what the hell", says I... I jump through and find myself transported in a system (I forgot the name) two jumps away from Tash-Murkon Prime in Amarr space.

Probes go out again and I realise there are 8 sites in this system, including what looked like two hacking sites. So I proceed to scan them down and bookmark them (I had neither the right equipment for the profession sites with me, nor the firepower to do the sansha combat sites). After that was done, I simply jumped back through the wormhole to my home base to bring some muscle.

I decided bringing one of my mission boats was way overkill, so I decided to retrofit my salvage BC, a Harbinger. This got promptly stripped of most of the salvagers and all the tractor beams, and fitted with a light tank, core probe launcher with some recently acquired SOE probes (since they're reusable, now it's well worth spending some extra cash for the 10% increase in scan strength) and 3 damage mods. Guns I didn't have on hand, but I'd get those at my destination, since as I already said, it was 2 jumps away from Tash Murkon Prime.

So with this rag-tag fit I jumped back through the wormhole to Amarr space. I found most of my bookmarks still there and proceded to show the sanshas in the combat sites who's boss.

Sadly, the returns weren't very interesting - they dropped no valuable loot, the salvage I picked up was worth about 2.5 mil (from all the combat sites), but I did get 10 exotic dancers from one of the structures (yay, party!)

Then I went to work on the two hacking sites, which turned out to be just one hacking site, the other being archaeological. And since I've yet to train Survey V and the Archaeology skill, I grumblingly had to make due with just the hacking site. This was one of the more worthwhile ones, as it yielded decryptors and components worth roughly 35mil isk on the Amarrian market. All in all not a bad haul for the two hours and change I spent on this little endeavor.

So, worldly rewards aside, things I learned on this trip:
  • Probes are 100% reusable as long as you don't let the timer expire and you remember to recall them when you move to the next system
  • Reconnecting to lost probes actually works
  • It's way faster than before to scan stuff down
  • Sites are WAY more abundant than before
  • Spending cash on Sisters' scan probes is now actually worth it
  • There are a LOT of sites that are not worth the effort. If you can find them with 100% accuracy using just the onboard scanner, they're most likely not worth warping to.
  • Sites are not, repeat, ARE NOT to be found only within 4 A.U. of celestial bodies nowadays.
Pretty useful trip, don'tcha think? Oh, the icing on the cake was, when I wanted to get back to The Forge via wormhole, it had already closed down. Note to self: stop slacking off, you'll just end up warping back the old fashioned way, 16 jumps and no bio break :P

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