Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Games Agents Play

Blah, blah, missions again. I'm only writing this because it seems interesting to me that it's been a week now since my Sisters of Eve agent and I are playing some sort of silly game, with some disastrous effects on my standing. Basically it all started when I rejected doing Smash the Supplier - a lvl4 mission against the Amarr Navy.

I generally don't like doing missions against other Empire factions because it tends to bust my standing up needlessly and for no bounties. Also, I rejected this one because it's what most may call the hardest level 4 mission you'll come across, and my Kin/Therm dps isn't too effective against Amarr.

So, since this initial rejection, my agent seems to be stuck in an infinite loop as follows:

  1. Smash the Supplier
  2. Random transport mission
  3. Repeat step 2
  4. Cargo delivery with Blood Raiders
  5. Pirate Invasion with Angels
  6. Return to step 1.
This is all I get, and if it's not going to stop soon, it'll ruin my standing, which is already down from 8.7 to 7.3 or so due to repeated mission rejection.

Something needs to happen, either I do Smash the Supplier by mustering enough balls to do it solo and cutting it very, very close, or I get some buddies together in Amarr ships and send the bloody Amarr Navy to meet their Maker.

Or I take a break from missions and go visit some old friends in Catch, hehe... more on that soon.

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