Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy, happy, joy, joy - Battleship V training

Ah, after some refreshing completions to my formerly lacking (-ish) gunnery skills, it's time to return to my pre-established training plan - and frown in annoyance at the skill coming up next: Gallente Battleship V...

Oh, look how my lolling and roffling at the forum drama around the recent nerfing of ghost training has come to bite me in the ass... after a few good thoughts aimed at our Icelandic Overlords, I set forth and hit the books - nearly 40 days, if I don't get bored and switch to something else along the way.

And just to make sure I only go through this ordeal once - time for a clone upgrade. There's an old capsuleer saying: "You only forget to upgrade your frozen self once."... I hope that won't be the case, or emo rage /wrist would start to sound pretty interesting :P

To all you people who got caught with your pants down (i.e. BS V or other insane skills untrained) by the training nerf - massive respect for mustering the patience.

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